Tourist Palce of Supaul: Supaul district of Bihar is a part of Mithilanchal and this district is adjacent to Nepal. When the Kosi river enters Bihar from Nepal, its stream first passes through Supaul district, hence it is also called the area of ​​Kosi. Supaul district tops Bihar in terms of cleanliness.

Although the main language here is Hindi, but apart from Maithili, the use of typical Hindi language is also abundant here, which is similar to the Maithili language. Let us now tell you which are the places in Supaul, Bihar where you can go for a walk. Although there are many places to visit in Supaul district (Tourist Palce of Supaul), but in this post we will tell you about 7-8 Famous Palces in detail.

Best Places to Visit in Supaul District of Bihar (Tourist Palce of Supaul)

1. Baisi Kali Mandir and Birth place of Udit Narayan

Baisi village comes in Raghopur block of Supaul district and here is the temple of Maa Kali, which has a lot of recognition. There is such a belief that whatever you wish and worship here, your wishes are definitely fulfilled. A grand fair has been organized in the courtyard of this temple since ancient times at the time of Kali Puja. Thousands of devotees come to this temple to offer prayers.

Baisi Kali Mandir (Tourist Place of Supaul)

Bollywood’s famous playback singer Udit Narayan was also born in Baisi village of Supaul district. Although Udit Narayan’s ancestral village is in Bharadah of Saptari district of Nepal, but his maternal grandmother is in Baisi. Before the birth of Udit Narayan, there was a flood in Nepal, so for some years his parents started living here in Bayasi village and at the same time Udit Narayan was born.

To reach Baisi village, you will first have to reach Baisi Chowk via NH-106 and then from there you have to reach Baisi Kali Mandir. Situated at a distance of about 20 km from Raghopur railway station, Baisi Kali Mandir will be about 25 km from Bhim Nagar (Nepal) border.

2. Baluaa Bazaar

The Baluaa Bazaar is considered to be the bastion of politics in Supaul district. This is the birth place of former Union Minister Late Lalit Chandra Mishra and his memorial is also here. People here believe that development in this area was started by him and hence people also know him by the name of Vikas Putra. In view of his popularity, he was assassinated in a bomb blast during a general meeting.

People tell that when he was the Railway Minister at the Centre, he had started laying the railway network in this area and he also got many other development works done. Although many other leaders emerged from the Baluaa Bazaar after his death, but no one could develop the general public except himself. Even now, when elections are held, big media organizations definitely reach Baluaa Bazaar.

3. Kosi Barrage

This barrage built on the Kosi river is 1150 meters long and 10 meters wide and has 56 gates. There is a beautiful view here. It is very exciting to see the water far and wide with the cold winds. On both sides of this barrage, you will find food and drink and other shops for shopping. Here you can also buy fresh fish caught from the Kosi river.

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Although it comes within the border of Nepal, but along with Nepalese, Indians also always come here to visit. Apart from Nepal and India, tourists from other countries will also be found roaming here. A grand fair is held at Kosi Barrage on January 1 on the occasion of New Year and on the occasion of Pusi Purnima and a large crowd gathers. To go from India, first you have to reach Bhimnagar and from there you will have to cross the border and reach Kosi barrage.

4. Dharhara Temple, Ganpatganj

Bhimashankar Mahadev Namak Dev Sthal is situated in Dharhara village of Ganpatganj, 35 km north east of Supaul district headquarter and 7 km south of Raghopur railway station. Due to being a temple in Dharhara village, it is known as Dharahara Temple.

Dharhara Temple, Ganpatganj (Tourist Palce of Supaul)

Many historical stories are famous about this temple. This temple is said to be of Mahabharata period. It is believed that during the time of Pandavas going to Biratnagar Nepal in order of exile, Pandava son Bhimsen stayed here and worshiped the adorable Lord Shiva. From that time the temple was named Bhimashankar Mahadev and the temple was renovated in 1930 AD.

5. Varadaraja Perumal Devasthanam (Vishnu Temple), Ganpatganj

Vishnu Temple, Ganpatganj is famous all over the country

for its unique architecture. The architecture of this temple matches that of the Kancheepuram temple of Chennai. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this temple is famous all over the world for its grandeur. This temple is located in Ganpatganj, 6 km from Raghopur railway station. Thousands of devotees come here to offer prayers.

6. Kosi Maha Setu

After the inauguration of NH-27, East West Corridor, the operation of trains started from the road on the Kosi river, but the train operation of Kosi Rail Mahasetu was inaugurated in 2020. At the time of construction of these two bridges, a guide dam has also been constructed here. Here the view of sunrise and sunset is quite tremendous, as well as there is also a very old temple of Lord Shiva near the western side of the bridge, which is crowded with devotees.

Kosi Maha Setu (Tourist Palce of Supaul)

This pool has been very popular since its construction and at present it has become a famous tourist spot. Apart from all these things, many dhabas have also opened on the highway, where you can also eat food of your choice. Here you will see greenery far and wide and if you reach in the winter season, you can also get to see Siberian birds. Apart from this, you will also get to see lotus flowers here in monsoon.

7. Tileshwar Nath Mahadev Temple

Tileshwar Nath Mahadev Temple

Tileshwar Nath Mahadev Temple is the center of faith among Shiva devotees far and wide. The Shivling present in this temple is self-styled and the Shivling is at a depth of 10 feet from the temple floor. This temple is located in Sukhpur, 10 km from Supaul district headquarter. Usually, devotees always keep coming to this temple for darshan and on Sundays and Mondays there is a large crowd of devotees in the temple.

8. Mahamaya Temple, Gauchar

The grand temple of Mata Mahamaya, popularly known as Mahamaya Temple, remains the center of faith of devotees at Gauchar Haat located at Rajeshwari in Supaul district. Since the mythological period, this temple has been revered by the devotees of the mother. The chief priest of the temple, Ashok Mishra, cleans the temple daily and offers prayers at 9 in the morning. You will be convinced of the grandeur of the temple.

Mahamaya Temple Gauchar (Tourist Palce of Supaul)

People come from far and wide to worship here. According to the belief of the devotees, whatever they ask from the mother with full devotion, they get fulfilled. Most of the people of the area definitely go to worship Mata Mahamaya after buying a new car Or any Vehicle. The grandeur of the temple is further enhanced by the huge Peepal tree adjacent to the temple. Peepal tree is completely covered in the temple building.

Local people tell that when there was a flood in 2008, the entire area of ​​Koshi was submerged, but the water of Koshi suddenly changed its direction by coming directly in front of the temple, due to which the flood water did not come in the temple nor water came in the temple area. The atmosphere of the temple courtyard is very peaceful and pleasant. There is a well for filling water in the courtyard of the temple and there is also a living arrangement for the devotees who come from far flung places.

The biggest haat of the area is located adjacent to the temple, which is famous by the name of Gauchar Haat. The most famous Haat of the animals organized on Friday. Gauchar Haat is the most popular Haat for the poor people. All types of goods are found here. If you also want to come to Mahamaya temple, then you have to come to Jadiya first and then you will have to come 6 km north-east from there.

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