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Learn to develop AI products that deliver business value. Build skills that help you compete in the new AI-powered world.


What You’ll Learn in Become an AI Product Manager Nanodegree

AI Product Manager

You’ll learn how to evaluate the business value of an AI product. You’ll start by building familiarity and fluency with common AI concepts. You’ll then learn how to scope and build a data set, train a model, and evaluate its business impact. Finally, you’ll learn how to ensure a product is successful by focusing on scalability, potential biases, and compliance.

Along the way, you’ll review case studies and examples to help you focus on how to define metrics to measure the business value for a proposed product.

Learn how to evaluate the business value of an AI product. Build fluency with AI concepts, create a data set, measure the effectiveness of different Machine Learning models, and craft a product proposal.

Estimated 2 Months

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Prerequisite Knowledge

No prior experience is required.

Introduction to AI in Business

Gain foundational knowledge of AI and machine learning, how to develop a business case for an AI application, and how and when to use AI in a product.

Creating a Dataset

A high-quality training data set is essential for machine learning models. Learn how to create a high-quality dataset, including how well the data fits a particular use case.

PROJECT – Create a Medical Image Annotation Data Set with Appen

In this project, you will create an annotated training data set on Appen’s platform. You’ll build a classification system that can help

flag serious cases of pneumonia.

Building a Model

Learn how a neural network produces a decision and how “training” works. You’ll also learn how to use training data and how to evaluate the results of a model.

PROJECT – Build a Model with Google AutoML

Build models using automated machine learning, from data to results with no coding required. You’ll implement your model with four different variants of data to evaluate how the data affects performance.

Measuring Impact and Updating Models

Learn how to measure post-deployment impact, and how to make data-informed improvements on your model. You’ll also learn how to avoid unwanted bias, ensure security and compliance, and how to scale your product.

PROJECT – Capstone Project

Develop a business proposal for an AI product for a use case of your choosing. You’ll develop the business case, define success metrics, scope the dataset and build a post-deployment monitoring plan.

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