Download and Learn AI Programming with Python Udacity Nanodegree Course 2023 for free with google drive download link.

Learn Python, NumPy, pandas, Matplotlib, PyTorch, Calculus, and Linear Algebra—the foundations for building your own neural network.

What you will learn in AI Programming with Python Nanodegree

Learn AI Fundamentals

3 months to complete

Learn the essential foundations of AI: the programming tools (Python, NumPy, PyTorch), the math (calculus and linear algebra), and the key techniques of neural networks (gradient descent and backpropagation).

Learn AI Fundamentals Nanodegree Intro Video:

Prerequisite knowledge

Formal prerequisites include basic knowledge of algebra, and basic programming in any language.

General Requirements

  • Basic computer skills like managing files, navigating the Internet, and running programs will be useful.
  • Basic algebra, and programming knowledge in any language.

Hardware Requirements

  • Computer running OS X or Windows

Introduction to Python

Start coding with Python, drawing upon libraries and automation scripts to solve complex problems quickly.

Project – Use a Pre-trained Image Classifier to Identify Dog Breeds

In this

project you will test your Python skills by working with three different pre-trained image classifiers. You will write your own script to identify different dog breeds.

Jupyter Notebooks, NumPy, Anaconda, pandas, and Matplotlib

Learn how to use all the key tools for working with data in Python: Jupyter Notebooks, NumPy, Anaconda, pandas, and Matplotlib.

Linear Algebra Essentials

Learn the foundational linear algebra you need for AI success: vectors, linear transformations, and matrices—as well as the linear algebra behind neural networks.

Calculus Essentials

Learn the foundations of calculus to understand how to train a neural network: plotting, derivatives, the chain rule, and more. See how these mathematical skills visually come to life with a neural network example.

Neural Networks

Gain a solid foundation in the hottest fields in AI: neural networks, deep learning, and PyTorch.

Project – Create Your Own Image Classifier

In this project you will create an image classifier application. By building your own neural network, your system will be able to identify objects appearing in images, just as humans do. You will experience how useful and efficient a neural network is, and use your newly-acquired knowledge as a substantial building block in your AI career.

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