In this Post of TheUjjwal ; We are going to tell You An encouraging truth written by Ujjwal Kumar Singh focusing on Ashutosh Kumar and Bhumihar. In this Article, We will let You Know What Ujjwal Kumar Singh thinks on Ashutosh Kumar and What is his openion on Bhumihar Caste. So, Let’s get Started…

At the age of 17, serving in the Indian Army in deadly places like Srinagar and then suddenly quitting the job and determined to bring unity among Bhumihar Brahmins, sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it? Why not? After all, the reality is surprising. Yes, I am talking about Ashutosh Kumar.

Ujjwal Kumar Singh on Ashutosh Kumar

Ashutosh Kumar, the founder of the Bhumihar Brahmin Ekta Manch and the national president of the Rashtriya Jan Jan Party, is not interested in any identity today. Who does not know him in the upper caste society of the country today? His popularity among the upper castes is not less than any minister-chief minister.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Bhumihar or not. You must have heard the name of Ashutosh Kumar. If you don’t know, don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything. Here the word Bhumihar has been used to shame them. Why only an Ashutosh you can also become Ashutosh, you just have to recognize the Parashuram within you.

Ujjwal Kumar Singh on Bhumihar

You have to recognize the Bhumihar sleeping in Kumbhakaran’s sleep within you. You have to recognize your unlimited potential. The time has come, now you will have to become a Bhumihar again. The golden history of your ancestors should not be allowed to remain mere history, it has to be made your future. You have to show something.

Yes, you have to unite and re-raise your rights, rights and lost honor and respect in an organized manner. You rose like a rising sun but for decades you have been submerged. You have to be published again like the next morning. You have unlimited potential like Dinkar, in front of which no one can stand.

There is also a saying that even a lion has to drag behind for some time in the midst of the strikes of 10 gidars, but then the one who leaps with his fury does not let anyone stand again. You were compared to a lion because you consider yourself to be a lion and you use a lion’s photo in your symbol.

You are the weakest even though you are very strong. Now ask how? I tell you. You consider yourself to be the father of all, which is the biggest sin of your understanding and it is making you a coward among other castes. Simply put, there is no unity among you. you is not the one. And the land you are proud of is the world’s largest democracy.

No matter how powerful in a democracy, one has no meaning. Unity or group means the biggest thing in a democracy and that is your biggest failure. In such a situation, imagine yourself, what is your position left? People will know your status only when you are in the group and your vote will be one.

There was only one reason for this lecture given above and that is to heat the blood flowing in your mind because your blood doesn’t heat up quickly, that’s why we had to work so hard. I think it is better to talk about the issue than to trap you in my own words. Now let’s get to the point…

You would know what was Bhumihar and what is left now. Nothing is going to happen just by knowing. You need to work hard again. You have to awaken Ashutosh within you. The word Ashutosh has been used in relation to the courage to unite the society.

The situation Bhumihar is going through today is very pathetic. All of us have started making the mistake of understanding ourselves as our hangers. You have to prove that it is the mistake of understanding of others. And this will happen when we raise our voices together. You will ask for your rights. You need to remember your history and then work diligently accordingly.

Our society has sacrificed everything for the all round development of the country. Now together we have to return our lost honor. We do not have to bow before the anti-Savarna government. We have to give a befitting reply to them and make them realize our power. We have to introduce ourselves to them and take away our rights from them.

Now we have to adopt the path of fierce agitation and rebellion. If not, then we have another option. We should openly support any political party which develops our society by peacefully exercising democracy. We have to develop our political existence anew by thinking amongst ourselves.

It is true that we cannot occupy power alone, but we should also not forget that we can play an important role in the creation of power. When we unite and give our support to any one politically, then it will definitely happen that our political and social

upheaval will come. Then we will also have a view on all the dimensions of power.

An encouraging truth written by Ujjwal Kumar Singh focusing on Ashutosh Kumar and Bhumihar

Then we can build our society anew with power building. Then whether there is a side or an opposition, everyone will have to respect us. Everyone will ask us and then again our political identity, which was lost decades ago, will come back. We will get our due rights. And this will happen only when we get unity.

‘Unity among Bhumihars’, this sounds a bit unheard and strange, isn’t it? This is completely ridiculous but it is the reality. People of all castes and classes of other society believe that ‘Bhumihars have a better ride on donkeys than Yari!’ The society has got our impression that make friends with donkeys but not with Bhumihars.

The only reason for this is that there is no guarantee of Bhumihars. There is no one right when Bhumihar will change. According to me, on reality, you must be feeling these nonsense and you must be getting angry towards me. Well no one, it’s my duty. Our development is possible only when our political influence increases.

I talk about politics time and again, you must be taking out many different meanings from it. But there is nothing more important than politics in a country like India. You work hard and become the topper of the country’s toughest competitive exam i.e. UPSC. You become the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs at the Center but you have to work within a politician who has passed the political examination.

Whether that leader is very stupid and you are a scholar, it doesn’t matter. I am reminded of a proverb on this matter. An owl is sitting on every branch. That is to say, almost all the chairs are occupied by illiterate and little knowledgeable people. You know politics is a very dirty thing. It first makes people blind and then works to provide them with glasses.

I do not believe that you should be active in politics, I am only working to show you a mirror. But I can say this without any doubt that you can make politics your weapon. You can get your rights by strengthening yourself from the political point of view, you can take forward the path of your development.

From my point of view, you should try to get your rights by joining the most emerging political alternative of the upper castes i.e. Rashtriya Jan Jan Party (RJJP) supporting the views of respected Ashutosh Kumar. In order to get the timely benefits of all the schemes, you need to have your own commission.

It will be a pleasant experience for you to join the political option led by Ashutosh Kumar, who has been continuously demanding the formation of the Savarna Commission, as well as you can fight the problems arising in your future. There will also be a party.

Well I am Ujjwal Kumar Singh. And if you try to establish Bhumihars on a large scale, then you must have heard my name. Mainly I am against caste based reservation, SC ST Act and thinking and mentality pushing the upper castes in the pit and it hurts me a lot.

I am a graduate student and I didn’t need any feedback to write this idea of ​​mine, that too because I think deeply about it in my spare time.

Without increasing the number of words, I urge you to read my thoughts and think and then by bringing unity among yourself and your well-wishers, make a vote and establish yourself afresh under the leadership of Ashutosh Kumar. Do not forget to give importance to education. Education is at its place, thoughts are at their place.

My thoughts are now on the last line. How do you think about me now? How many did you do this? What did you see wrong in this? What is your opinion on this? Don’t forget to give your feedback on all these points. You suggest us, give your guidance. I had this view on my caste Bhumihar. It was not my intention to humiliate anyone or have any other intention.

!! Very Thank You !!
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