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Companies everywhere are under threat of data breaches and cyber attacks, so it’s imperative that they find talent with the proper mindset about the use and protection of customer and client personal data.

What You’ll Learn in Data Privacy Nanodegree

Data Privacy

Learners leave the course with a holistic view of data privacy issues in business, a data privacy checklist for use in future projects, and industry-guided best practices that can be implemented in physical or virtual office environments.

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Understanding of data privacy regulations and cybersecurity best practices. See detailed requirements.

Students should have a basic understanding of:

Data privacy regulations in their jurisdiction (Examples: US Privacy Act of 1974, GDPR (EU), CCPA/CPRA (California), HIPAA, GLBA, COPPA, etc.)

Familiarity with basic cybersecurity best practices – Cybersecurity Fluency, Encryption, Data encryption and a general understanding of security fundamentals such as:

  • Cybersecurity hygiene best practices
  • One or more Cybersecurity frameworks (e.g., NIST CSF, CIS Controls, PCI DSS, ISO 2700)
  • Cybersecurity risk identification, assessment, and management fundamentals
  • Security access control management
  • Security network and system architecture
  • Encryption fundamentals
  • Event detection and response

Why Privacy

Evaluate privacy threats; initiate the course project; analyze sensitive data types and purposes, and compare data privacy with information security.

Improving Privacy through Enterprise Risk Management

Examine standard data privacy protection frameworks; develop data privacy governance; establish data classification and identification, and evaluate privacy risks using a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).

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Data Privacy in Business

Identify requirements for the protection of personal data; compare technical security controls as they relate to data privacy; compare procedural security controls as they relate to data privacy, and evaluate data protection solutions and technologies.

Data Privacy for Practitioners and Privacy Trends

Evaluate data privacy models; apply cyber hygiene best practices for privacy, and evaluate privacy controls using a data protection checklist. Additionally, identify emerging technologies and describe evolving data security laws.

Course Project: Data Privacy Risk and Compliance Assessment

In this project, students will conduct a data privacy risk and compliance assessment of the Microsoft 365 infrastructure for the case study company. They will complete the industry-standard data privacy risk assessment report documenting data management infrastructure, privacy program strategy, policies, procedures, privacy risks, and compliance gaps.

The average Data Privacy Manager salary in the United States is $121,800

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