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Be at the forefront of cloud technology by learning how to design and deploy hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications.

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What You’ll Learn in Become a Hybrid Cloud Engineer Nanodegree

Hybrid Cloud Engineer

3 months to complete

This Nanodegree program, built in collaboration with experts from Nutanix, a leader in the cutting-edge field of hyperconverged infrastructure software, takes cloud technology and data-center professionals on an in-depth journey into the design, deployment, and management of infrastructure and applications together on the Hybrid Cloud. Master the concepts you need to transform how your IT teams manage applications and support the business.

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Prerequisite knowledge

Experience working with command line and virtual machines

Well-prepared learners will have familiarity with:

  • Command line on Linux or Windows
  • Virtual Machines (VMs) using on-premise hypervisors or the public cloud
  • Basic web servers
  • Basic database and SQL

Modern Private Cloud Infrastructure

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) converges the entire datacenter stack. This course dives into the role of a hybrid cloud engineer and how to use HCI using Nutanix’s Prism web console to configure the different components of a private cloud cluster. We discuss the importance of security and how to manage virtual machines, including data protection, risk calculation and creating backups. By the end of this course, students will be able to deploy and manage private cloud workloads using best practices and industry standards.

Project – Private Cloud Web Application Infrastructure

In this project, you will use Nutanix’s integrated lab environment to design a private cloud solution for your company’s key revenue generator, an e-commerce web application. Your solution will require you to deploy and protect a web application across a web server VM, application VM, and database server VM on the private cloud.

On-Premises Private Cloud Automation

In this course, we

will cover various tools and features that Nutanix provides to eliminate the process of manually operating infrastructure while extending up the stack to incorporate applications and maintenance operations. You will discover how Nutanix Prism Central eliminates IT intervention in performing repetitive, laborious tasks with Nutanix Calm automation to deliver simple, repeatable, and automated management of application creation, self-service consumption, and governance.

Project – Private Cloud SaaS: Three-Tier Web Application

The Vice President of Software Engineering at your company has asked you to design a blueprint for deploying a three-tier web application with a load balancer, web server and database VM hosted on the private cloud. You will need to test that the deployment works properly and that each VM is configured with the proper resources and tasks. Your developers will need to deploy new environments, the ability to scale in and scale out the web tier, and to backup the database at any time.

Public and Hybrid Cloud Management

This course will teach you how to augment the automation you’ve previously created in the program to use the public cloud in a hybrid manner. By the end of this course, you will be able to extend your blueprint into the public cloud and will have a clearer understanding of how to architect and manage hybrid cloud workloads.

Project – Hybrid Cloud SaaS: Three-Tier Web Application

Building off your work in the previous projects, you will now extend the model of your e-commerce company’s basic web application to a hybrid cloud deployment in order to maximize high availability and scalable performance. In addition, you will be tasked with creating small and medium deployment scenarios.

Over 75% of midsize and large organizations will have a multicloud or hybrid IT strategy by 2021.

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