Bhumihar:  Bihar’s power is wanted, then the upper caste voters cannot be ignored. Of course, their number is less as compared to other backward castes, but they definitely have the key to power. If you want a winning vote, then you have to share in power.

Otherwise the chair will slip by the time it comes in hand. When Lalu Yadav and Tejashwi Yadav adopted the upper castes (Bhumihar Yadav Equation), their result was seen in the Legislative Council elections (Bihar MLC Result). The biggest example of this is the seat of Patna. In what is called a BJP stronghold, the NDA candidate stood at number three.

From MY to BY RJD

The base vote bank of Rashtriya Janata Dal is considered to be Muslim-Yadav ie MY. There is a general perception that its leaders do not adopt the upper castes. With few exceptions. Due to the Muslim and Yadav equation, Lalu Yadav remained the emperor of Bihar’s politics for a decade and a half. But now it is not the same thing as before. Although it is still believed that Lalu Yadav’s magic works on MY (Muslim-Yadav). But the grip has loosened. Efforts are being made by RJD to compensate it from the upper caste voters. Now the new equation Bhumihar-Yadav ie BY is being seen.

3 out of 6 Bhumihar candidates won

As soon as Lalu Yadav’s heir Tejashwi Yadav took over, his managers had given the knowledge that it would be beneficial to bet on the upper castes. Tejashwi Yadav had also apologized from the open platform. Always they talk about A to Z, not MY. Tejashwi Yadav kept on winning and winning in the 2020 assembly elections.

Ashutosh Kumar on Bhumihar, Bhumihar MLC 2022

Despite being the largest party, he lagged behind in the race for the chair. Lost many seats even by a small margin. Perhaps the result of this was that in the Bihar MLC election, he bet openly on the candidates of the upper castes, especially the Bhumihar caste. As a result, out of their six winning candidates, three are Bhumihar, one Rajput, one Yadav and one Vaisha.

Success achieved in Patna, Bettiah, Munger

Tejashwi fielded a Bhumihar candidate in the Patna seat, which is a stronghold of the NDA, especially the BJP, and got success. Kartikeya Singh, a close aide of Anant Singh, registered the victory. Although he had the brother of Danapur MLA Ritlal Yadav from Yadav caste in the line, Lalu Yadav himself announced the name of Master Karthik in order not to spoil the perception.

So that a clear message is sent to the upper castes and the politics of the distance does not get spoiled. The result was that Valmiki Singh of JDU, coming from Kurmi caste, went to the third place. The RJD candidate (Ajay Singh) who won the Munger-Jamui-Lakhisarai seat also belongs to the Bhumihar caste. Apart from this, a seat like West Champaran was snatched from BJP after 18 years by RJD due to Bhumihar candidate.

Bhumihar Reaction on Bihar MLC Election Result 2022

Everyone is surprised to see the result of Bihar MLC election 2022. Out of the total 24 seats, Bhumihar Samaj leaders won 6 seats and made a record of 25% share. The politics of Bihar has become hot due to the election of such number of Bhumihar leaders. Through social media, the Bhumihar society is slowly turning towards RJD.

Bhumihar Leader Ashutosh Kumar leans towards RJD

Determined to bring unity in the Bhumihar society, the founder of Bhumihar Brahmin Ekta Manch Foundation, President of Rashtriya Jan Jan Party and the most loved leader of Bhumihar, Hon’ble Mr. Ashutosh Kumar, seeing the MLC result, met Tejashwi Yadav of RJD, Bhumihar + Yadav (B+ Y) gave the mantra of the equation.

Ashutosh Kumar invites Bihar’s Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav as the chief guest in Parshuram Sobha Yatra to be held on 3rd May : You have given respect to our society, now it is our duty to give respect to you. If you have extended the hand of friendship, then it is our duty to hold your hand and take you to the chair of the Chief Minister of Bihar. We invite you as a guest on the birth anniversary of Lord Parshuram ji.
Babhan ji’s chuda, Yadav ji’s curd,
Both brothers milab then hoi bihar sahi.”

You know Ashutosh Kumar is the person who opposed Lalu Yadav by throwing a packet of milk on his face in a huge crowd. So your question would be that Why did Ashutosh Kumar lean towards RJD? Let us tell you in this post of The Ujjwal what is the compulsion of Ashutosh Kumar.

Political Situation of Bhumihar since last 30 Years

For the last 30 years, the dominance of Bhumihars in Bihar’s politics had ended. First, under Lalu Yadav’s rule, Bhumihars were imprisoned and for more than the next 15 years, under Nitish Kumar’s rule, Bhumihars are being tortured arbitrarily. You look at the conspiracy and injustice against Bhumihars since last 15 years, it has increased 15 times more than the time of Lalu Yadav.

Despite the Bhumihars having 8.3 percent of the population in Bihar, its influence in politics has diminished. Earlier, we kept winning by voting for Congress, then JDU and BJP, but all political parties used to throw us as a fly of curd. Now RJD is giving importance to Bhumihar under the leadership of Tejashwi Yadav, so it is your job to support him.

In view of all the circumstances, Ashutosh Kumar has bowed towards RJD and made friends with RJD. When on some pretext our numbers will be more in the house, then the inquiries of Bhumihars will increase and then there will be talk of Bhumihars on the tax level. Poor Bhumihars will also get the benefit of public welfare scheme. Then all the demands of Bhumihar will be considered. So all together support Ashutosh Kumar, strengthen him.

An encouraging truth written by Ujjwal Kumar Singh focusing on Ashutosh Kumar and Bhumihar, must read once…