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Meet the growing demand for Azure cloud architects and learn the skills to translate business requirements into technical specifications for reliable, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure using Microsoft Azure.

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What You’ll Learn in Cloud Architect using Microsoft Azure Nanodegree

Cloud Architect using Microsoft Azure

Estimated 3 months to complete

This program prepares students for a career as an Azure Solution Architect and trains them to translate business requirements into technical specifications for reliable, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure using Microsoft Azure.

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Prerequisite knowledge

Experience with cloud computing, programming and Microsoft Azure.

A well-prepared learner should have:

  • Familiarity with network concepts, such as IP addressing and routing
  • Familiarity with network connectivity methods, such as VPN
  • Familiar with Azure CLI commands
  • Ability to read JSON
  • Understanding of DevOps including container orchestration, CI/CD
  • Azure application development and deployment
  • 2+ years experience in developing apps or managing cloud infrastructure that have been deployed using Microsoft Azure

Designing Infrastructure and Managing Migration

In this course, you will go through the process of creating a backup strategy. You will also be exposed to the process of migrating on-premise resources into the Azure cloud using Azure Migrate, get information from Azure Advisor on what will allow the most cost-effective performance and do day-to-day monitoring through Azure Monitor. Our final lesson will include the use of ARM Templates to automate the provisioning of resources as well as how to enforce an organization’s policies through Azure Policy and Azure Blueprint.

Project – Moving from On-Prem to the Azure Cloud

In this project, you will assume the role of a Cloud Architect working for Contoso, an online clothing merchandise company. You will start by creating a plan on how to migrate the current on-premises architecture to Azure cloud services, including activities like finding matching services and resources. From there, you’ll plan for high availability and disaster recoverability. Your plan will also include security measures and backup policy and an opportunity to recommend any design improvements.

Provisioning for cost optimization and monitoring

In this course, you will go over the best practices for understanding how cost management is an important aspect

of a well-architected framework. For each lesson, you will learn the fundamental concepts and how experts think about the topic. Then you will do a deep dive into how to design for a cloud-optimized architecture, how monitoring for cloud efficiency helps an organization bring transparency into cloud costs and how to leverage automation of infrastructure autoscale.

Project – Cost Optimization and Monitoring for Your Engineering Company

In this project, you will take on the role of Azure Architect, wherein you will present to the CIO of your engineering company a comprehensive plan to explain how Azure can not only provide resiliency but also keep costs low if architected properly. You will explain to the CIO of the company why moving the production workloads to Azure is beneficial to managing provisioned hardware effectively through tools available such as right-sized VM.

Azure Security

In this course, you will go over the best practices for understanding the role of security in an Azure environment. We will take a high-level look at security, look back at the history behind cloud computing and Azure and introduce the workspace simulation environment we use to provide access to the Azure portal. Then we will discuss the foundational level of security, lay the foundational borders of our digital environment, and discuss segmenting our resources. Finally, we will discuss the ongoing battle to maintain our security long after we have implemented our design.

Project – Securing, Protecting, and Monitoring your Azure Environment

In this project, you will act in the role of an Azure Cloud Architect for AKMade Enterprises. The company is a medium-size business and is recently seeing tremendous growth in its online presence, and the leadership team wants to start utilizing the cloud for their IT infrastructure. In this capacity, you have been asked to apply your newly acquired skills and understanding of the key areas of security, including IAM, network and security infrastructure, data security protection and monitoring.

Burning Glass data indicates that “cloud architecture” as a skill was in demand in over 47,000 job postings in majors U.S markets in the last 12 months.

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