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Gain the technical understanding to make tough, IT-driven decisions that unlock the value of cloud computing in your organization.

What You’ll Learn in Cloud Computing for Business Leaders Nanodegree

Cloud Computing for Business Leaders

4 – 8 weeks to complete

This program will focus on the unique knowledge and skills that business leaders need to unlock the value of cloud technologies in their organizations, or enable a more cloud-native department that leverages cloud computing to drive growth and create operational efficiencies.

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Prerequisite knowledge

Word Processors, Spreadsheets, Presentation Tools.

This program is intended for students who have spent time in a business setting, had exposure to business decision making, and have potentially worked on technical or IT projects.

In addition, a well-prepared learner will be able to:

  • Identify workloads (business processes, applications, etc) within their organization that can be automated or made more efficient
  • Identify roles, skills, organizational silos, and procedural constraints within the organization
  • Understand the basics of information security
  • Demonstrate familiarity with current budgeting practices
  • Perform basic functions with word processors, spreadsheets and similar numerical analysis and presentation tools

Introduction and Business Case for Cloud Computing

Compare and contrast public, private and on-prem hosting of services through the different deployment and service model of the cloud. Explain how traditional models for determining cloud ROI using a TCO are only minimally effective. Learn the major migration strategies that allow a business at any stage of technology to begin moving towards the cloud.

Organizational Capability Building for Cloud

Learn required changes in your staff skill set, your existing processes and practices and your organizational culture to unlock the best value from the cloud. Learn how to drive these changes effectively in your organization. Learn to use the target state model to help determine your current state and how to use the CCoE virtual structure as the change agent to drive cloud adoption across the enterprise. Learn how to jump start the culture in your technology teams by moving your current operating model to a DevOps or DevSecOps model. Learn a new model or a cultural practice for Cloud Financial Management, bringing together finance, procurement, and engineering teams to manage cloud spend.

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Cloud Governance Model – Strategy and Implementation

Learn how to maximize business value while minimizing risks to your organization by defining an organization wide governance model. Learn key risk areas such as security, compliance and cost management and how to put automated controls to manage risks without compromising business agility. Dive deep into each of these areas (security, compliance, cost) to understand the risks and mechanisms provided by cloud providers to help you build a governance model on top to manage the risks. Learn how the requirements of skills, processes, and culture are complementary to governance mechanisms.

Cloud Innovation and Futures

We will look at the increased pace of innovation and how it is driving disruption in all industries. Learn some fundamental cloud innovations that may help you innovate in your business. Serverless, Containers, IOT, AI, Data Analytics, Edge computing, Blockchain, Quantum computing are major cloud innovation areas today that you can adopt.


Students will leverage the key learning objectives covered in the program to build a cloud strategy for a fictitious retail company based a variety of inputs.

Project – Project Details

Students will analyze provided artifacts for a fictitious retail company and begin building a cloud strategy that leverages the key learning objectives covered in the program. Students will identify business problems best addressed with cloud, prioritize workloads to maximize ROI, define the organizational model and needed changes in skill levels and processes, define a governance model that would mitigate risks and optimize spend, and propose a new innovative solution on the cloud that would deliver new business benefits.

Worth $182.4 billion in 2018, Gartner forecasts that the public cloud service market will grow to $331.2 billion in the next couple of years.

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