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Learn to apply predictive analytics and business intelligence to solve real-world business problems

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What You’ll Learn in Predictive Analytics for Business Nanodegree

Predictive Analytics for Business

3 months to complete

Learn to apply predictive analytics and business intelligence to solve real-world business problems.

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Prerequisite knowledge

Students who enroll should be familiar with algebra and descriptive statistics and have experience working with data in Excel. Working knowledge of SQL and Tableau is a plus, but not required.

  • Basic statistics and math knowledge
  • Basic spreadsheet skills
  • Access to a Windows environment. If you use a Mac computer, we will have instructions on how to set up your computer with a Windows environment.

Problem Solving with Advanced Analytics

In this course, we give you a framework to help you organize and plan your analytical approach. We also introduce both simple Linear Regression and Multiple Linear Regression.

Project – Predict Sales for a Catalog Launch

A home-goods manufacturer wants to predict expected profits from a catalog launch. You will apply a framework to work through the problem and build a linear regression model to provide results and a recommendation

Data Wrangling

Data Wrangling is at the core of all data activity. In this course you learn how to work with different data types,dirty data, and outliers. You will also learn how to reformat data and join data from different sources together.

Project – Create an Analytical Dataset

A pet store chain is selecting the location for its next store. You will use data preparation techniques to build a robust analytic dataset and use it to build a predictive model to select the best location.

Classification Models

Classification models are a powerful tool for business analyst. In this course, you learn more about binary and non-binary classification models and how to use them to drive business insights.

Project – Predict Loan Default Risk

A bank recently received an influx of loan applications.

You will build and apply a classification model to provide a recommendation on which loan applicants the bank should lend to.

A/B Testing

Helping businesses make the best decisions is an essential part of Business Analysis. Planning and executing the analysis of an AB test allow you to provide confident recommendations. In this course, you learn how to create, execute, and analyze an AB test.

Project – A/B Test a Menu Launch

A chain of coffee shops is considering launching a new menu. You will design and analyze an A/B test and write up a recommendation on whether the chain should introduce the new menu.

Time Series Forecasting

Time Series Forecasting is a powerful analytical tool. In this course, you learn how ETS and ARIMA models are used to forecast data and how they deal with trends and seasonality. These skills will be evaluated in the final project.

Segmentation and Clustering

Segmentation and Clustering are effective methods for finding patterns in your data. In this course, you learn how to prepare data to be clustered appropriately and interpret results.

Project – Combine Predictive Techniques

A grocery store chain is planning a significant expansion. You will use multiple analytical techniques to provide recommendations on where and how to expand. After completing the project, you will feel comfortable combining predictive techniques and delivering solutions to complex business problems.

The Global Business Analytics Market is expected to reach $71.1 billion by 2022!

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