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Use Python, SQL, and statistics to uncover insights, communicate critical findings, and create data-driven solutions

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What You’ll Learn in Become a Data Analyst Nanodegree

Data Analysis with Python and SQL

4 months to complete

Advance your programming skills and refine your ability to work with messy, complex datasets. You’ll learn to manipulate and prepare data for analysis, and create visualizations for data exploration. Finally, you’ll learn to use your data skills to tell a story with data.

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Prerequisite knowledge

You should have experience working with Python (specifically NumPy and Pandas) and SQL.

In order to succeed in this program, we recommend having experience working with data in Python (specifically NumPy and Pandas) and SQL. This includes:

  • Python standard libraries
  • Working with data with Pandas and NumPy

Introduction to Data Analysis

Learn the data analysis process of wrangling, exploring, analyzing, and communicating data. Work with data in Python, using libraries like NumPy and Pandas.

Project – Explore Weather Trends

In this project, you’ll get familiar with SQL, and learn how to download data from a database. You’ll analyze local and global temperature data and compare the temperature trends where you live to overall global temperature trends.

Project – Investigate a Dataset

You will choose one of Udacity’s curated datasets and investigate it using NumPy and Pandas. Go through the entire data analysis

process, starting by posing a question and finishing by sharing your findings.

Practical Statistics

Learn how to apply inferential statistics and probability to real-world scenarios, such as analyzing A/B tests and building supervised learning models.

Project – Analyze Experiment Results

You will be provided a dataset reflecting data collected from an experiment. Use statistical techniques to answer questions about the data and report your conclusions and recommendations in a report.

Data Wrangling

Learn the data wrangling process of gathering, assessing, and cleaning data. Learn to use Python to wrangle data programmatically and prepare it for analysis.

Project – Wrangle and Analyze Data

Real-world data rarely comes clean. Using Python, you’ll gather data from a variety of sources, assess its quality and tidiness, then clean it. You’ll document your wrangling efforts in a Jupyter Notebook, plus showcase them through analyses and visualizations using Python and SQL.

Data Visualization with Python

Learn to apply visualization principles to the data analysis process. Explore data visually at multiple levels to find insights and create a compelling story.

Project – Communicate Data Findings

You will use Python’s data visualization tools to systematically explore a selected dataset for its properties and relationships between variables. Then, you will create a presentation that communicates your findings to others.

59% of companies plan to increase positions requiring data analysis skills.

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