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Gain practitioner-level skills with Python and learn the language powering transformation in Data Science, Machine Learning, and beyond.

What You’ll Learn in Learn Intermediate Python Nanodegree

Learn Intermediate Python

Estimated 2 months to complete

Python is a general-purpose coding language with applications in web development, data science, machine learning, fintech and more. The Intermediate Python Nanodegree program equips you to leverage the capabilities of Python and streamline the functionality of applications that perform complex tasks, such as classifying files, data mining a webpage, etc. By the end of the program, you’ll have a portfolio that demonstrates your ability to apply practicioner-level Python skills on the job.

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Prerequisite knowledge

Basic familiarity with programming in Python.

A well prepared student can:

  • Understand the basics of object-oriented programming.
  • Read basic Python syntax, including using white space in Python.
  • Distinguish between object types like integers and strings in scripts.
  • Use Python to build basic algorithms for simple programs (i.e. a one-dimensional game like rock, paper, scissors) and scripts that automate common tasks (i.e. renaming files).
  • Write and run basic programming scripts in a terminal that include function definitions and loops.

Advanced Python Topics

Begin by establishing a foundation in Python’s methods to describe data, then dig deeper into functions and functional design, and create strategies for solving problems. You’ll investigate the ins-and-outs of objects and object-based design, obtaining order from the interconnected ideas captured within class objects and instance objects. Finally, you’ll have an opportunity to fuse Python with external files, culminating in the creation of complete codebases that can crunch numbers or protect the planet from peril.

Project – Near-Earth Objects

Python can take you out of this world, and this project is no different! You will produce a program that can inspect and query close approaches of near-Earth objects – moments in the past (or future) at which an asteroid- or comet-like object in space pass quite close to Earth. You’ll read 200 years of data from CSV and JSON files into Python models, and build a database capable of answering questions such as “when does Halley’s comet pass by Earth?” and “what are the next ten close approaches of big, hazardous asteroids whose orbit takes them exceptionally close to Earth?” Finally, you’ll save your results back to CSV or JSON files. By completing this project, you’ll demonstrate an ability to represent data in Python, transform that data using principles of function- and object-based design,

and connect to external data sources.

Large Codebases with Libraries

Learn how you can write, structure, and extend your code to be able to support developing large systems at scale. Understand how you can leverage open source libraries to quickly add advanced functionality to your code and how you can package your code into libraries of your own. Apply Object Oriented Programming to ensure that your code remains modular, clear, and understandable. Honing these skills are the foundations for building codebases that are maintainable and efficient as they grow to tens of thousands of lines.

Project – Meme Generator

Python is well suited for solving both web and data problems. You will build a service that demonstrates an understanding of both of these domains. First, you’ll import quote data from many different data types (PDF, DOCX, CSV, TXT). Then, you’ll demonstrate an understanding of the Strategy Object design pattern to write clean, modular code to handle these different file types. Then, you’ll resize images and overlay the quotes onto the resized graphics. Finally, you’ll practice making your service available for others to use as a command line utility and as a deployable web service.

According to Github, Python was the second most popular programming language in 2020.

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