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Master the Swift programming language, and create a portfolio of iOS apps for iPhone and iPad to showcase your skills!

What You’ll Learn in Become an iOS Developer Nanodegree

Become an iOS Developer

Estimated 6 months to complete

You will start by learning the basics of iOS app development using the Swift programming language and Xcode, Apple’s development environment. You’ll develop your first iOS apps using layouts, views, UIKit, and more. Then, you’ll progress to build more complex and advanced applications, using networking, and Apple’s Grand Central Dispatch and Core Data, and will be ready to publish your capstone project to the App Store.

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Prerequisite knowledge

You are self-driven and motivated to learn. Participation in this program requires consistently meeting deadlines and devoting at least 10 hours per week to your work.

You are self-driven and motivated to learn. Participation in this program requires consistently meeting deadlines and devoting at least 10 hours per week to your work.

Collaboration with peers and interactive feedback are critical to the success of the program. You must be a committed and contributing participant of the community.

Welcome to the Nanodegree

Learn what to expect in the classroom, get familiar with programming in Swift, and download Xcode, Apple’s development environment for iOS.

Learn Swift Programming

Learn the basics of Swift, the programming language used to develop iOS apps.

Intro to iOS App Development with Swift

Build your first app with Swift and Xcode, Apple’s programming environment for app development. You’ll learn how to use AutoLayout, UIButtons, and UILabels to create an interface, and how to react to touch events in an app using ViewController and multiple views. You’ll also learn how to set up audio recording and playback in a voice recording app.

Project – Pitch Perfect

Build an app that records a user’s voice, then plays the modulated audio through a variety of fun filters.

UIKit Fundamentals

Develop an app with UIKit, Apple’s front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces. Learn about the delegate pattern to make connections between the app’s model, view, and controller, and add table views and navigation to your app.

Project – MemeMe, Part 1

Solidify your knowledge of iOS user interface concepts by building an app that creates memes from images. In

part 1, you’ll create an app that enables the user to take a picture, add text to form a meme, and share the meme with friends.

Project – MemeMe, Part 2

Create a final version of the MemeMe App. Memes will appear in a tab view with two tabs: a table view and a collection view.

Network Requests and GCD

Incorporate networking into your apps, and harness the power of APIs to display images and retrieve data. Use Apple’s Grand Central Dispatch, or GCD, framework to create asynchronous apps, ensuring a smooth user experience, even while your apps run lengthy operations in the background.

Project – On the Map

Build your first networked app by pulling in data from a web service to create a map with pins representing student locations. Tapping a pin will display a custom URL posted by a student at that location.

Data Persistence

Learn about simple persistence, the iOS File System, and the “sandbox.” Set up the classes we need to get Core Data up and running so that we can create, save, and delete model objects. Enable user interfaces to reactively update whenever the model changes, and safely migrate user data between versions.

Project – Virtual Tourist

Tour the world without leaving your home! Build an app that lets users drop pins on a map, download pictures for the location, and save favorites to their device.

Final Project

This is your chance to let your iOS Developer skills shine! For this final project, you’ll design and build your own iOS app, taking the design from the drawing board to the App Store.

Project – You Decide! (Capstone Project)

This is your chance to let your iOS developer skills shine! Drawing on everything you’ve learned in the program, you’ll invent, design, and build your own iOS app for the App Store.

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