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Hone specialized Product Management skills in growth strategy. Lead experimentation and data-driven decision-making in your organization to drive products to reach the next level of scale, impact, and profitability.

What You’ll Learn in Growth Product Manager Nanodegree

Growth Product Manager

Estimated 3 months to complete

During the Growth Product Manager Nanodegree program, you will learn everything a growth PM needs to thrive, from designing strategic growth plans to analyzing pricing metrics. You will also learn how to assess a business, create a growth loop, measure success, design experiments to increase growth, and monetize a company continually.

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Prerequisite knowledge

Previous experience as a Product Manager, as well as experience scoping business requirements & KPIs, and data/statistical analysis in Excel or spreadsheets.

In order to be successful in this program, we recommend students have some basic experience with the following:

  • Scoping business requirements and defining basic KPIs to track progress/measure success.
  • Performing data analytics using Excel or any other tool of choice (i.e. creating pivot tables, performing statistical analysis such as identifying average values, standard deviation, etc…).
  • Familiarity with arithmetic functions in Excel or any other spreadsheet tool.

Growth and Acquisition Strategy

User acquisition and growth is more than improving conversions and increasing sign-ups. A truly effective acquisition and growth strategy is firmly anchored around the user journey. In this course, we’ll approach acquisition and growth with a holistic and integrative perspective. We’ll start by examining the current business landscape as is. Then, we will discuss how to go from where we are now, to where we want to be by utilizing growth loops. We will dive deep into how to create, validate, and expand a growth loop to achieve our north star business goal.

Project – Crafting a Growth Loop

In this project, you will assume the role of the Growth Product Manager at Craft Snacks, a hypothetical e-commerce company offering monthly subscriptions of artisan snack boxes. You will create a presentation deck to propose a user acquisition and growth plan based on the business context that is provided for you. The presentation deck consists of four main sections: Inspecting the landscape, Mapping the Path to Growth, Validating the Path to Growth, and Developing a Growth Vision. You will demonstrate your skills to assess the current state of the business as is, and then chart the path to the future to-be state by building your own growth loop, setting up a test that validates the loop, and proposing an

expansion to the loop.

Activation and Retention Strategy

Understand how to guide users to the a-ha moment of your product as soon as possible, via the activation funnel and sign-up flow. Apply best practices for how to best engage customers, and retain them for the long term. Analyze the user lifecycle, including the activation, retention, dormancy, and resurrection phases, and deploy experiments to improve the lifetime value (LTV) and decrease churn.

Project – Let It Grow

Act as the Growth Product Manager for productboard and Slack to optimize the sign-up flow to ensure maximum conversions, determine the activation funnel, create a retention curve, and perform a churn analysis. Then, suggest experiments to improve overall activation and retention.

Monetization Strategy

Learn how to make your product profitable, including selecting key markets and outreach channels, and build purchase paths that leverage industry case studies. Apply best practices of experience design, and learn how to measure the effectiveness of your monetization strategy. Design and define pricing plans that utilize quantitative and qualitative methods.

Project – Priceless Penny

Build a monetization model for a post-revenue B2B SaaS business, and then come up with hypotheses about potential changes to the monetization strategy including changing pricing metrics and plans.

According to Glassdoor, the U.S. national average base salary for a Growth Product Manager is $117,038.

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